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Training and Education         May 20-23... Stuart Cove's, Nassau Bahamas... | | June 12 & 13... NAUI Advanced Diver... | | July 24 & 25... NAUI Rescue Diver...

bulletNational Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) - Quality education
bulletTechnical Diving International (TDI) - Use Mixed Gases for deep exposures, and Nitrox for reduced ongassing at moderate depths
bulletNational Association for Cave Diving (NACD) - Learn penetration diving the right way
bulletCave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society (NSS/CDS) - Dedicated to preserve and protect the fragile cave environment
bulletDivers Alert Network (DAN) - Dive safety information and oxygen training
bulletHandicapped Scuba Association (HSA) - They'll train divers and their buddies to deal with physical limitations
bulletVerband Deutscher Sporttaucher e.V. (VDST) - In Europe, diving clubs successfully keep people involved with diving!
bulletConfederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (CMAS) - Supports international agency cooperation, and standardization of dive training
bulletProfessional Scuba Inspector (PSI) - Everything you ought to know about visual cylinder inspection
bulletLifeguard Systems, Inc. (LGS) - Over 25 years of real life training for real life rescue
bulletDelfin Underwater Productions, Inc. - Get to know the reef inhabitants

Research and Dive Planning

bulletUndersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) - The primary source of information for diving and hyperbaric medicine and physiology worldwide.
bulletSearch the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database for medical references on scuba diving and hyperbarics. 
bulletCanadian DCIEM developed their popular dive tables by monitoring divers with doppler ultrasonic.
bulletAbyss - Simulate advanced dive profiles or cut mixed-gas custom tables on your PC.
bulletSearch the Code of Federal Regulations to find out first hand about regulations regarding the use of breathing gases and scuba cylinders.
bulletOrder NOAA and NAVY diving manuals from the U.S. Government Printing Office (see "Oceanography").
bulletNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Plan your next beach dive with CEOB's tide predictions.
bulletNational Weather Service - Check the weather before you go out!
bulletAberdeen Hyperbaric Medicine Unit -
bulletDavis Hyperbaric Laboratory - Hyperbaric research at Brooks Air Force base.
bulletDDRC - Maurice Cross describes hyperbaric facilities in the U.K.
bulletScuba Diving Explained - The online book on Diving Physiology by Larry Martin, M.D.

Conservation and Environment

bulletReefKeeper International - You can participate in reef monitoring.
bulletGreenpeace - Somebody's got to keep the grass green, the skies blue and the water clear!
bulletCoral Reef Alliance - Educating divers and the general public about the problems facing coral reefs

Dive Boats

bulletHoward Klein's Eagle's Nest - A meticulously clean boat, caring crew, and friendly Captain.
bulletBill Reddan's Jeanne II - Convenient Location and visits many wrecks at moderate depths.
bulletR/V Wahoo - The choice for many technical dive trips in the North East!

Equipment Manufacturers

bulletDEMA - Find local retailers with the help of the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association.
bulletScubapro - Best known for the legendary Jetfins, long lasting Buoyancy Compensators and high-performance regulators.
bulletOceanic - It's affiliate Pelagic manufactures gauges and computers for many popular brands.
bulletUwatec - First-rate dive computers with reasonable conservative algorithms and sensible technology.
bulletDraeger - Professional dive equipment finally becomes accessible to recreational divers.
bulletDive Rite - Equipment for the technical diver.
bulletU.S. Divers - A good spectrum of dive computers manufactured by Pelagic and Uwatec, and high pressure steel cylinders by PST.
bulletLuxfer - Manufacturer of Scuba cylinders.
bulletBetter Business Bureau - Let them know about any bad business

Online Magazines and Discussion Groups

bulletScuba Duba applies the most advanced web browser techniques to present a comprehensive review of diving sites on the Internet.
bulletRodale's Scuba Diving
bulletDiver Magazine (U.K.)
bulletAquanaut - Archives one year's worth of the usenet newsgroups
bulletrec.scuba - A usenet newsgroup right here on the Internet (requires an NNTP client)
bulletscuba-l - A mailing list for scuba discussions (requires an NNTP client)

Other Diving Resources

bulletScuBear - A very cute gift idea
bulletNew Jersey Scuba Diving - Good overview over local activities and regulations
bulletDiving Charters - List of local stores and charter boats
bullet Rebreather web site - There's still lots of vaporware, and it's good to read first-hand experiences
bulletBeneath The Sea - This annual exhibit and conference is a must-see for divers in the Tri-State area
bulletU.S. Naval Observatory - GPS and Loran are used by your boat captain to located your favorite dive site
bulletTravelHost - Cozumel travel guide with dive site descriptions and links to dive stores
bulletInfoHub Specialty Travel - Comprehensive source on special interest travel


bulletBlue Water Divers - Fair Lawn and Ramsey, NJ
bulletCoastal Scuba - Myrtle Beach, SC

Places I'd go back to

bulletAndros Island (Bahamas): Small Hope Bay Lodge
bulletNew Providence (Bahamas): Stuart Cove's
bulletBonaire (Netherland Antilles): Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn
bulletGrand Cayman: Cayman Diving Lodge
bulletNorthern Florida: Learn about cavern and cave diving at Ginnie Spring
bulletAkumal (Mexico): Mike Madden's - CEDAM Dive Centers, (cave diving in the Yucatan), and Tony and Nancy's Villas DeRosa


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