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[Andy Schmidt]Andy Schmidt, George Safirowski, Mike Mulligan, Franklin Woolf and other associates offer a full spectrum of courses for any level of experience.

bulletNAUI Scuba Diver - Basic scuba training
bulletNAUI Advanced Diver - Expand your knowledge and perfect your skills
bulletBuoyancy Control Clinic - The instant scuba diet
bulletLGS Diver Rescue Weekend - Accident prevention and management
bulletDAN Oxygen Administration - Be prepared to render diving first aid
bulletNAUI Wreck Diving - Learn proper techniques and equipment use
bulletTDI Basic Nitrox Diver - Build up an extra safety margin against DCI
bulletNAUI Training Assistant - Your first step into diving leadership
bulletNAUI Instructor Training Course - Become the best you can be

Our time only permits us to run a limited number of public classes per year. Please check the schedule and book your spot well in advance.



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